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నీ గురించి నీకే తెలియనప్పుడు , ఇతరులకు ఎలా తెలుస్తుంది.?దయచేసి కమ్యూనిటీ గురించి తెలుసుకోండి . చదవండి కాపు చరిత్ర ..... KAPU-ITHIHASSAM (kapu History) --------- Collection: V V G K MURTHY

Kapu History : KapuCommunity is believed to be the descendants of migrants of the Kaampu tribe from Kampilya (near Ayodhya) and was one of the earliest inhabitants of South India who took to clearing the forests and starting agriculture in the Deccan and of the current day Andhra Pradesh. Kapu Community is also referred to as the Kaampu tribe in the Ancient Texts, which was also, referred to as the Kossar tribe, who some historians believe established, the Satavahanas and other ancient dynasties. Kapu Community shares a similar history to the Kurmi, kunbis and Maratha castes. Occupation: Kapu Community Primarily served as Protectors of villages from Bandits in the medieval ages who later took to other Professions like Village heads and Farmers during times of peace. During times of war they also served as Soldiers, Governors (Nayaks), Commanders in many of the Andhra Dynasties. Hence the term Nayaka/Naidu becomes synonymous with the community

Sub Castes: • Kapu • Telaga • Balija/Balija Naidu • Munnuru Kapu • Ontari • Turpu kapu •

Note: Konda Kapu, Vanne Kapu, Are Kapu, Kapu Savara, Moras Kapu & Reddy Subcastes like (Dommari Kapu, Godugulanati Kapu, Kodithi Kapu, Musugu kapu, Nallevelama Kapu, Pakaanati Kapu, Paala Kapu, Palle kapu, Panta Kapu, pedakanti kapu, Pokanati Kapu, Sajjana kapu, Velama Kapu, Yerlam kapu) are not Part of the Kapu Caste.

Telaga History: Andhra was referred to as Telingana in the ancient text as it was the area that had three major Shivinsa-Aramas, thus was called Tri-Ling, and the people living there were called Telugus and the language spoken by the people there was called Telugu. The Telagas have served as Nayakulu (Governors), Commanders and vassals of the Western Chalukya rulers under Pulakesin, These Commanders were also called Telugu Nayakulu from which the community name might also have been derived Telaga.

Balija History : Balijas are concentrated throughout Andhra and Rayalseema Region, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. This is the only Sub caste of Kapu which bears both the tiles Setty and Naidu.

Munnuru Kapu History: The name Munnuru seems to be of a recent origin, which means three hundred. They were a part of the Telaga community and were the Imperial guard of the Tanjavore Nayaks.

Ontari: Ontari Kapu's used to be soldiers/Special Forces in Andhra Kingdoms. They are different from the Ontaris. The Ontari-Kapu community was primarily specialized in individual weapons like a sword or a spear and was primarily used for special operations

Turpu Kapu:Turpu in Telugu means east. The Kapus living on the eastern frontiers of Andhra Pradesh called themselves Turpu Kapus.

Naidu: Nayaka—> Nayudu—> Naidu—> Naicker—> Naidoo Native captain or Headman. Title of honor among Hindus in the Deccan. 

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