AP Govt backtracks as move to name Kapu Bhavans after Naidu backfires

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AP Govt backtracks as move to name Kapu Bhavans after Naidu backfires

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AP Govt backtracks as move to name Kapu Bhavans after Naidu backfires

With its decision to name the ‘Kapu Bhavans’ to be constructed in the state after Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu as ‘Chandranna Kapu Bhavans’ receiving flak from Kapu leaders, the state government on Sunday sent out feelers that it was ready to withdraw this proposal.

The government also announced that it had no objection to name the proposed Kapu Bhavans and other welfare schemes introduced for the Kapus after any prominent leader of the same community, including Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao.

“If all Kapu leaders agree, we have no objection to name the proposed Kapu welfare schemes after Vangaveeti Ranga,” Irrigation minister Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao said in Vijayawada on Sunday.

A few hours earlier, municipal administration minister P Narayana, who hails from the Balija community, a sub-caste of Kapus, defended the state government’s decision to name proposed Kapu Bhavans after Chief Minister Naidu.

“What is wrong in naming Kapu Bhavans as Chandranna Kapu Bhavans? As Chandrababu Naidu is taking several constructive steps for the welfare of Kapus, there is nothing wrong in naming the proposed Kapu Bhavans after him,” he said.

He also justified the government’s recent habit of naming all new schemes after Naidu. “In Tamil Nadu, every welfare scheme is named after Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. Why can’t we do the same in Andhra Pradesh?” the Irrigation minister asked.

Earlier in the day, following some prominent Kapu leaders’ open objection to the government’s proposal to name Kapu welfare schemes after Naidu, the Chief Minister’s Office issued a statement saying that several ministers were naming new schemes after the Chief Minister without taking due consent from him.

Hence the CMO suggested all ministers to get prior approval from it before naming any new scheme.

In fact, the state government, a few days ago, had issued an order on constructing ‘Chandranna Kapu Bhavans’ across the state.

These Bhavans are proposed to be used by Kapus as function halls for multipurpose use and also as hostels for students of the same community.

However, given the rivalry between Kapus and Kammas in coastal Andhra, doubts were expressed within the ruling party that the government’s proposal to name Kapu Bhavans after Naidu, who hails from the Kamma community, might prove counterproductive.


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