Kapu Caste History

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Kapu Caste History
The Kapu community is primarily concentrated in the Coastal Districts of Andhra. It is probably the oldest middle caste in Andhra along with the Yadava/Golla Community of A.P. and forms the bed rock of the state. They carry Caste title Naidu which is a Derivation of the word Nayaka. The Nayaka/Danda Nayaka could be found being under the Vishnukundini Dynasty of Andhra who ruled from the Krishna and Godavari Deltas during the 3rd Century A.D.

Kapu as a term is used to refer to Landowning or Agrarian Communities in Andhra Pradesh. Today the Land Owners are called Kapu by the Agricultural Laborers, and those who served as village heads were given the title of Reddy. This is the reason the title Reddy is found among the Kapu and Reddy castes. They are heavily concentrated in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Kapu Branches:
. Dhulipudi • Mekala (Also found in Kamma, Boya, Chencus)
• Mogili (Also found in Yerukulas)
• Motati • Mungaru • Tungala • Thorati • Nagali • Nerati or Neravati
(Also found in Reddy)
• Pakanati or Pakinadu (Eastern territory)
(Also found in Reddy, Golla, Kamsala, Mala, and Tskala)
• Oruganti (Also found in Mudiraju)
• Nagaralu / Patrulu • Chalukya Kapu • Challa • Uggina •. Paggina • Koraganji

Konda Kapu, Vanne Kapu, Are Kapu, Kapu Savara, Moras Kapu & Reddy Subcastes like (Dommari Kapu, Godugulanati Kapu, Kodithi Kapu, Musugu kapu, Nallevelama Kapu, Pakaanati Kapu, Paala Kapu, Palle kapu, Panta Kapu, pedakanti kapu, Pokanati Kapu, Sajjana kapu, Velama Kapu, Yerlam kapu) are not Part of the Kapu Caste.

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