The A.P. Government of “Terrorising” the kapu community in the name of law and order: M V Bhaskara Rao

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Farmer DGP M V Bhaskar Rao

The A.P. Government of “Terrorising” the kapu community in the name of law and order: M V Bhaskara Rao

The KTB Samskshema Samakhya, an organisation established for the welfare of all Kapus, has accused the A.P. government of “terrorising” the community in the name of law and order, and demanded steps or a time-frame to include Kapus in the BCs list as promised in the election manifesto of Telugu Desam Party.

“The issue of inclusion of Kapus in the BCs is being diverted although the government has been in power for two years. Instead of initiating a dialogue with those agitating for the cause, it is trying to suppress the movement” on the pretext of investigating into the burning of the Ratnachal Express, charged former DGP M.V. Bhaskara Raohere on Wednesday. At a press conference and flanked by the apex body of the organisation including M.H. Rao, K.V. Rao and others, Mr. Rao accused the government of resorting to preventive arrests indiscriminately, not even letting the family members of Kapu leader M. Padmanabham to meet him and other coercive measures.

“This is not acceptable in a democracy as everyone has the right to protest and fast is a fundamental right. The government should clarify on the terms and conditions of the BC Commission. Simply appointing one will not do,” he said. Considering the available data with the Centre and State governments it would not take much time to arrive at the quantum of quota necessary for Kapus. “We are seeking quota in proportion to our population or the government can arrive at a figure without disturbing the other BC communities,” he observed. He also felt that the government can release and even withdraw cases against those arrested for the burning of the train as it was an “emotional reaction”.

Sources: The Hindu

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